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The Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software Options

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Running a lawn care firm may be enjoyable, particularly considering so much of the work is done outside. Keeping track of staff and expenditures is crucial to being one of the finest lawn care services, whether a firm offers a standalone lawn-mowing service or is expanding to include landscaping. Company owners who want to spend more time outside and less time behind a computer should invest in the finest lawn care scheduling software for their requirements.

These systems may assist owners with a variety of activities, ranging from invoicing and billing to arranging service appointments. Company owners will not want to miss this critical component of having a successful lawn care business. The lawn care scheduling software applications listed here are among the finest on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Jobber
  2. BEST RESOURCES: ServiceTitan
  4. BEST USER EXPERIENCE: Service Autopilot

The Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software Options

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software for You

There are various considerations to consider before investing in lawn care scheduling software. These considerations include how the software interfaces with the company’s existing management systems, if a mobile app is accessible, and what extra functions the program provides. Also, the cost will be a consideration in determining which lawn care software is best for the company.

Function and Features

Customers seeking the finest lawn care scheduling software will want to discover what functions and features the program provides. What the program is supposed to perform and what sectors of business it will assist are examples of functions. Service scheduling, business automation, and fleet management are examples of these.

The characteristics of the program are how it performs these tasks. Client management databases, GPS mapping, dispatching, online booking portals, client messaging, automated billing, and vehicle monitoring are among the features. To evaluate which functions and features are essential to invest in, company owners should examine which sections of their organization need the most support.

Mobile App Availability

Since employees are out in the field every day, lawn care software with a mobile app version may be very useful for lawn care and landscaping firms. A mobile app can allow technicians on a jobsite to stay connected with management and clients.


Different lawn care scheduling software will offer different pricing, varying from free to over $200 per month. Although monthly subscription levels are prevalent in lawn care software, not all do. Some applications may have free versions with limited functionality and premium versions with more sophisticated features. Consumers interested in purchasing lawn care scheduling software will want to discover what the program delivers at various pricing ranges.

Software Integration Capabilities

Landscape or lawn care scheduling software may integrate with a range of different software products. Most provide QuickBooks integration, which is useful for managing other company papers like as client invoices and tax data. Some may provide interfaces with mobile payment tools such as Stripe, making invoicing and credit card processing easier in the field.

Our Top Picks

We looked at integration with existing business management software, software cost (including how paid versions stacked up against free software), how the software might match up with specific business sizes and needs, and overall user experience when evaluating the best lawn care scheduling software. Here are the notable options in the field of lawn care billing software and beyond.


Why It Made the Cut: Jobber provides many desirable features for companies of all sizes, all at various pricing points, making it a good fit for a variety of budgets.

Lawn care companies want a mechanism to connect with customers and organize day-to-day company operations, which is where Jobber comes in. This program allows businesses to produce estimates, schedule services, issue invoices, and receive payments. It is compatible with QuickBooks, making document compilation quicker during tax season, and Stripe, allowing employees to accept payments in the field.

Businesses may utilize the software to create user-friendly, client-facing hubs where clients can schedule appointments, contact the firm, and receive quotations. Some reviews claim they could not add or change scheduled events through the mobile app; however, business owners just need to change the permissions to allow events to be modified on mobile.

Jobber also provides a bevy of other customized features, such as thank-you notes, referral programs, and feedback surveys that can be delivered directly to customers. These elements might help a company generate more leads for potential customers. Invoices may be sent or texted to clients, allowing for more seamless communication. Those interested in Jobber’s offerings can try out a 14-day free trial before committing to a subscription plan.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Customer administration, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing
    Reporting, messaging, online booking, client hub, job forms, pricing, and marketing are all available.
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: $30, $90, or $180 per month
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks, Stripe


  • Generous 14-day free trial offered
  • Referral programs, thank-you notes, and feedback questionnaires are notable features.
  • Convenient customer-facing client hub
  • Seamless integration with Stripe for easy payments


  • There have been reports of potentially perplexing mobile app experiences.


Why It Made the Cut: ServiceTitan provides essential features like as client administration and scheduling, as well as a comprehensive library of materials to assist owners in running and growing their companies.

ServiceTitan allows lawn care firms to coordinate their scheduling and client administration requirements in one location, including billing, reporting, and customer contact. The software also offers a comprehensive library of resources, including blog posts, webinars, and podcasts, for customers to learn how to maximize ServiceTitan’s capabilities and better run their business.

Customers of ServiceTitan may add functionality to certain areas such as their phones, marketing, or payroll system. This a la carte strategy enables consumers to get more assistance in the areas they need without paying for services they may not require. Customers may utilize the easy-to-use hub to make appointments, message technicians or the firm directly, and get prices for desired services. ServiceTitan technical support is available via phone, email, or live chat; ServiceTitan recommends live chat for the fastest response time.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Client administration, scheduling and dispatching, billing, reporting, and messaging
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Not specified
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • A large collection of calculators, blog articles, webinars, and podcasts is available.
  • Convenient customer-facing client hub
  • There are “Pro” solutions available for further business-specific capabilities.


  • Reports of unresponsive customer support


Why It Made the Cut: Yardbook is a piece of software that provides many of the functions of paid lawn care scheduling software without the costs, making it suitable for small firms or those just getting started.

Yardbook is a good option for business owners searching for cost-effective, simplified software. Yardbook is simple to use and enables users to rapidly access everything they need to operate their companies in one spot. This involves scheduling, quoting, invoicing, accepting payments, and communicating directly with customers.

Although Yardbook has a premium edition, the free version will meet the demands of a small company without the need to upgrade. Some functionality may not suit a business as it grows, as there are fewer options to add or remove features, and the invoices are standardized.

Companies should be aware that the Yardbook login does not support two-factor authentication, which poses a data security risk. The mobile app is currently only accessible for Android users. Yet, Yardbook does everything that many more expensive software products provide for people on a budget, including connectivity with Stripe and QuickBooks.


  • Function: Service scheduling and management
  • Features: Customer administration, scheduling, quoting, messaging, routing, and invoicing
  • Mobile app availability: Android
  • Price: Free; cost for premium version not specified
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks, Stripe


  • Totally free standard version
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless integration with Stripe for easy payments


  • The availability of mobile apps is limited to Android users.
  • Customization and billing possibilities are rather restricted.
  • No 2-factor authentication


Why It Made the Cut: Service Autopilot allows lawn services to automate several critical everyday processes, helping company operations run more smoothly.

Service Autopilot, like other lawn care software, enables owners to estimate, route, invoice, and advertise their businesses—with one major exception. Lawn care providers may use this software to automate all of these operations. By automating the transmission of bills or follow-up surveys, company owners save time on such duties.

Service Autopilot has a setup cost and is thus a more expensive alternative than other lawn care management software; nevertheless, the ability to automate may be a significant benefit for businesses with limited resources that want to ensure that critical chores do not slip through the cracks. The mobile app version is available for both iOS and Android devices. That makes company administration even easier, especially when landscapers or lawn care pros are on the job.


  • Function: Business automation
  • Features: Invoicing, routing, quoting, marketing
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: $49, $109, or $279 a month, plus a $97, $109, or $275 one-time cost
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Invoicing, reporting, marketing, and follow-up are all automated.
  • Access to business expansion program


  • Fees start at $49 per month and include a $97 setup charge.


Why It Made the Cut: Verizon Connect allows lawn care service owners to manage their vehicle fleets, including dispatching and monitoring cars, without leaving the office.

Verizon Connect is a simple option for landscaping or lawn care maintenance firms searching for a means to manage a fleet of various vehicles. The functionalities of this program allow managers to monitor various cars and teams to ensure they arrive on schedule at work locations. Business management will also be able to monitor driver behavior, such as speeding and taking needless routes or stops, using the software.

Company owners should be aware that contract terms might be ambiguous, with some consumers reporting that their contract was for a longer duration than expected or that they were overpaid for services. When organizing a demonstration, interested buyers will want to acquire as much information as possible up front. Yet, fleet administration is simplified, and lawn care firms may deploy cars as well as send reminders for vehicle servicing and upkeep.


  • Function: Fleet management
  • Features: Vehicle monitoring, driver behavior tracking, and vehicle maintenance reminders are all available.
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Not specified
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • Real-time vehicle tracking capabilities
  • Driver behavior monitoring and car maintenance reminders are notable features.


  • Reports of somewhat unclear contract terms

Why It Made the Cut: Smart Service is a QuickBooks add-on that helps lawn care companies manage scheduling and dispatching services.

QuickBooks is a piece of software that many companies use to file taxes, manage payroll, and other tasks. Although it may be utilized for day-to-day activities like invoicing and reporting, Smart Service can be a worthwhile software improvement. It enables business owners to effortlessly link client information and calendars with QuickBook, centralizing vital information for their company.

Smart Service is only accessible as a QuickBooks add-on and cannot be used independently. The desktop program is Windows/PC compatible, while the app is accessible for iOS and Android. Smart Service hosts weekly live sessions where consumers may ask questions in real time and learn how to effectively utilize the program.


  • Function: QuickBooks scheduling add-on
  • Features: Scheduling and dispatching
  • Mobile app availability: iOS and Android
  • Price: Not specified
  • Software integration capabilities: QuickBooks


  • QuickBooks automatically imports customer information and schedules.
  • Weekly group software training sessions available


  • Only compatible with Windows/PC
  • QuickBooks required for use

Our Verdict

Jobber is the finest lawn care scheduling software because it has features that can be tailored to lawn care firms of any size, and the simple customer communication component simplifies scheduling and administration. For a low-cost option with many of a lawn care company’s desired features, Yardbook is our pick for the best budget choice.

How We Chose the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software

We evaluated hundreds of company management software choices to identify the best lawn care scheduling software, with an emphasis on packages that provided capabilities relevant to the lawn care sector. The final list was chosen after evaluating key elements for each lawn care software, such as smooth integration, how much the program costs upfront or on an ongoing basis, how simple the mobile app version was to use, and how compatible the software was with computer operating systems. We chose prizes based on the businesses’ strengths and distinguishing characteristics.

Before You Use the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software

Before choosing on which lawn care business software would best fulfill their requirements, any lawn care company owner who is contemplating acquiring lawn care scheduling software will want to first examine the size of the firm and their objectives. Some software is better suited to bigger landscaping operations and may include capabilities like as fleet management. Alternative software may be better suited to small enterprises with fewer staff and customers.

For example, if a small lawn mowing business is growing and looking for software to assist manage this, the finest lawn care scheduling software will provide a simple method to maintain current customer connections while also simplifying day-to-day operations. As a business expands, lawn care scheduling software can help a lawn care business manage its time and employee power more effectively and help eliminate mistakes such as overscheduling, failing to invoice, or overlooking a client.

A bigger firm may need software that enables quick, efficient contact with clients and streamlines quoting, invoicing, and other processes. Larger companies may be willing to pay more for the customization of these features.

Cost of Using the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software

The price of the finest lawn care scheduling software might vary based on how the program is priced. Lawn care management software may be available for free, with a cost for access to premium features. Certain applications may require a monthly membership fee ranging from $30 to more than $250. Additionally, some software programs for lawn care services charge a startup fee in addition to a tiered monthly pricing structure.

There are other extra expenditures to beginning and running a lawn care service, such as obtaining the finest lawn care supplies, tools, cars, and safety equipment, all of which may cost thousands of dollars. It is critical for a new firm to evaluate the software that is most suited to its size and prospective expansion. Although purchasing high-quality lawn care equipment may be more important, missing bills and poor customer communication may lose a lawn care firm money in the long term.

The Advantages of Using the Best Lawn Care Scheduling Software

Lawn care scheduling software may be a useful investment for both large and small lawn care operations. With integration into existing invoicing and expense-tracking software like QuickBooks, it’s easy to improve the customer experience while saving business owners valuable time.

  • Saves time for business managers
  • Helps company owners by enabling them to spend more time on work sites and in the field and less time in front of a computer.
  • Ensures simple customer communication and satisfaction, resulting in increased loyalty and future client potential.
  • Handles customer invoicing and payments


Every lawn care company has unique requirements, however there are some typical questions that many lawn care and landscaping business owners may have before investing in lawn care software.

Q. What is lawn care scheduling software?

The finest lawn care scheduling software assists company owners and managers in scheduling services, managing customer databases, and keeping financial records. There are even lawn care routing software options that help businesses optimize the best order in which to visit clients within a day.

Q. What is the best lawn care software?

After thorough consideration, we can conclude that the best lawn care software comprises any of the applications on our list.

Q. How do you keep track of lawn care customers?

Business owners or managers may keep track of their lawn care clients by utilizing the finest lawn care scheduling software.

Q. How do you start a lawn care business?

To begin a lawn care company, first select what sort of lawn care services you will provide. Would it just be mowing and seasonal cleaning, or will the company also provide basic landscaping services such as hedge trimming? After that, it is essential to officially form the firm in accordance with local business regulations. You’ll then need to purchase quality lawn care equipment, insure your company to protect it and any clients, evaluate the right rates for your services based on the local average cost, and implement a marketing plan to get clients.

Q. Do I need a business license to start a lawn care company?

If you are beginning a lawn care company, you will almost certainly need a general business license, however some areas do not need any licensing at all. It’s important to know the local licensing laws where you are starting your lawn care business.

Q. How is lawn care charged?

Lawn care services may charge by the hour or by the service, and their cost may be determined by the size of the lawn. Many companies charge a weekly or monthly fee of a flat rate for specific services.

Q. How much does lawn care cost?

Lawn care charges typically vary from $48 to $211, with the average cost being about $129. Lawn mowing costs anything from $25 to $150 each week, with a national average of about $45. The cost is determined by the size of the yard, the frequency of mowing, and the services provided.

Q. How do you mow in different patterns?

Mowing in patterns is not only visually appealing, but it may also assist preserve grass health by promoting frequent mowing, enabling the grass to get the light and water it requires.

Attach a roller system to the lawn mower to create customized patterns. The patterns you create are determined on the direction you mow in. There are a variety of designs to explore, all of which offer a lot of curb appeal to the yard. Stripes are the easiest to achieve by changing the direction of the lawn mower at each edge of the lawn. Other patterns include checkerboard, waves, circular, and diamond patterns.


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Welcome to the most trustworthy and best lawn service Rapid City Sd team! We have been working for a couple of years and we have proven how we manage different types of yard maintenance services that our customers may need. From grass cutting service to lawn fertilization, you can entrust everything in us.

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